Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a few little facts.

I want to share some little facts with you about myself.

1. I have one sister and no brothers

2. I have many obsessions, as you know turquoise and flamingos are two

3. Sunflowers are a third

4. My favourite place in the whole world is San Francisco

5. Right now I'm listening to Beach House on youtube

6. I have a BIG fear of spiders

7. I have no time for people who lie

8. I have a very close group of 8 girlfriends who I love

9. My best friend lives in London and I miss her

10. I play the piano and am learning the ukulele

I want to know ten little facts about you, please do tell, it's fun! x


  1. 1.i live with my gorgeous son barry and my boyfriend donal family mean more to me than anything in the world
    3.i genuinely believe that my nephew sean is the cleverest person i know.
    4.i have been involved with a lifelong love affair with manchester united. girlfriends and i have had nights we cannot remember but will never ever forget.
    6. my favourite quote from any movie is in casper when he says to christina ricci "can i keep you". it is how i've always imagined being proposed to hint hint donal.
    7.besides my son and boyfriend i think the best looking man ever put on this earth is josh hartnet. dream car is a nissan qashqai.
    9. on the 25th of september 2006 i had one of the most memorable days of my life. i spent it with cathy and kate o neil, the shit hit the fan. there were tears, tantrums, pit stops in garages, lots of tea, fags and phonecalls and just after 8 o clock i became an aunt and cried for about an hour(with happiness)
    10.every year without fail i will cry the 1st time i hear "fairy tale of new york"

  2. and its coming up to the 4th year anniversary, oh my!