Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's my first year attending Electric Picnic and I have already started my preparations (yes I'm excited and a little bit too organised!) I had a lovely shiny pair of polka dot wellies but they have fallen apart on me (I think I've had them 7 years) so I am on the lookout tomorrow for a new brightly coloured pair, preferably ones that have the colour turquoise featured somewhere on them! Also if I have time tomorrow I'm going to do a bit of thrifting in secondhand shops around Cork for a few bits to bring with me, I have a few ideas in my head of what I want but just in case my thrift trip isn't successful I'm going to keep my lips sealed until tomorrow. But I'm thinking along the lines of denim, lycra, sequins and old band t-shirts. Wish me luck! x
Oh also if anyone has any tips for surviving a 3 day festival, hit me with them!


  1. Ooh lucky you!! Id love to be going!!


  2. I *love* those flower-print rain boots, too cute!


  3. lovely pictures, cute wellies!

  4. Thanks! Fingers crossed for sunshine!

    Aren't the wellies just adorable!

  5. completely jealous you are going to EP , we are trying to blag our way sensless into it for chance as of yet!!
    my tip is to bring baby wipes and as many cereal bars as u can cram into your bag!

    enjoy the weekend x

  6. Thanks for the tips girls! Hadn't thought of cereal bars, good one! Purchased some yummy ginger baked bars this morning!
    Best of luck with the blagging, don't lose faith! xox