Wednesday, August 11, 2010

child in a sweet shop

Ok so I'm very excited about dressing up this Friday for the Decade's Festival but I'm finding it really hard to settle on just two decades! Originally I was going to go 60's on the Friday night and 80's on the Saturday night but the glamorous 50's keep popping into my head and it's not often that you can dress head to toe in a certain decade and then I saw this 1950's Dior dress so I have pretty much made up my mind...I think!
Red lips, layers of eyeliner and mascara and victory rolls in my hair just like good ol' Dita!

So I have a dress, it ain't vintage unfortunately, but it's oh so very 50's, I have a little top hat headpiece with netting, and a pair of red heels, so i think I'm set! Just don't be surprised if I change my mind again, I'm like a child in a sweet shop!


  1. Can never go wrong with 50s! Have fun :) x

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  3. Hi! Thanks for stoppin by my blog earlier! please follow :)
    love this style. lolas right. cant ever go wrong with 50's!