Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things Lola Dee Fell In Love With Today

I recently made a new friend through the wonderful world wide web. She goes by the name of Lola Dee and her blog is adorably named Things I fell In Love With Today. On her deliciously designed blog you can check out her daily posts, her TV/video/film portfolio and her radio portfolio and very very soon Lola Dee will have her Etsy shop open where she will be selling brooches, hairbands, hair clips, earrings, rings and greeting cards. I'm very excited about this as I got a sneak peek at some of the button brooches and they are so cute and quirky I want them all!
She was also nice enough to do an interview with me recently, which I really enjoyed as her questions were that little bit different and fun.
She admits to being in love with colour and if you are guilty of this very same love affair, I'd advice you to keep a close eye on Things I Fell In Love With Today !

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