Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 flamingos, 1 ironing board

I have lots of things mainly Turquoise Flamingo related coming up soon, and I’m very excited about it all! Firstly I will be attending the monthly Dublin Flea Market but not as a Sunday browser, Turquoise Flamingo will have its own dedicated little space among another 40 different stalls selling vintage clothes to second hand bikes, retro furniture and random odds and ends. It’s on June 27th between 11 - 5pm so if anyone is around pop in and say hello!

Also, I’ve decided to do a bit of a revamp on my office space. The space is quiet small and at the moment there are 2 rails, 2 computers, 1 bust, 1 ironing board, many clothes, some shelving and 2 little flamingos cramping up the space, anyone have some space making/saving ideas?

Lastly I have extended the summer sale until the 23rd June and added this lovely summer Brunch dress.
Check out Turquoise Flamingo for the other items offering 20% off.

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